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We help Social Media Influencers to increase engagement from your audience and capture more value through your coins from your influence and brand sponsorship 

One Click Coin Creation

1 MOC can be used to mint 1 of your own coin. Everyone starts with free 100,000 MOC to mint their own coins!

Distribute with Ease

Your audience can easily collect your coins by liking, commenting, or sharing your social media posts. 

minted.one compliments and enhances mainstream social media channels.

Use Coins For Interaction

minted.one provides you with tools that let you decide how your coins can be used. It's a wallet, an exchange, and also a marketplace.

Brand are promoted through your coins and the interaction with your audience.

Maximize your potential

with the help of your own cryptocurrency 

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Founders Bonus Available

  • an additional 200,000 minted.one coins (MOC)

  • limited to the first 1,000 sign ups

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